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Monday - Friday
Lunch: 11:30am
Dinner: 5:30pm

Dinner: 5:30pm 

Sunday - Closed 





Metered parking is available on Mulgrave Street, Pipeta, Molesworth and Murphy Streets.


Jeoffery’s 25 years’ cheffing experience while sailing the Mediterranean Sea and more recently as head chef for Maria Pia’s, and MariLuca has inspired the classic dishes Saltimbocca a’la Romana which are the foundation of Mari Luca while introducing new Italian dining experiences Pappardelle con Anatra “Braised duck pasta” for those a little more adventurous.

Our beginnings

Down a small alleyway off Mulgrave Street hidden behind vine covered walls is a restaurant steeped in culinary history.  It’s worth the wander up to the Parliament end of town just a stone’s throw from St. Paul’s Catheral, away from the hustle and bustle the trendy part of Wellington to be greeted with authentic smiles from the team at MariLuca.  It won’t be long until you will find yourself at home here.

The site in Mulgrave St, previously housed the immensely popular Maria Pia’s Trattoria (2002-2011), a landmark on the Wellington dining scene.

In 2011 MariLuca was named as a contraction of former owner and hospitality legend, Giuseppe Malaponti’s two children’s names Marina and Gianluca.

The owners Jeoffrey and Yasmin Bisa decided to keep the name of the restaurant when they took over in January 2016. Keeping with the name, the team aspire to deliver the same warm and friendly service and amazing food that will surely make you feel at home.

If these walls could talk

Handwritten on the walls we have some of the many proverbs and quotes we would like to continually share, as we are reminded that there was once a great Italian man in our Mariluca House.

"In vino veritas"

In wine lays the truth

"Cu avi chiu' sali conza a minestra"

The ones with more salt should season the food

"Ca mancia fa' muddichi"

Who eats leaves bread crumbs behind

"Carni fa' carni, pani fa' panza, vino fa' danza"

Meat makes meat, bread makes a belly, wine makes dance

"Canta chi ti passa"

Sing and your troubles will fade away